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to discretely, yet seriously lie to someone's face and let them believe it's true then say you lied
Person 1: Hey, I just had sex with your girlfriend.
Person 2: Really?
Person 1: Nah, get magoonerbaited.
by CadenErtel January 15, 2017

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Is an action verb meaning someone who cheats, lie, theft, finnes, trick, deceived
" this girl nunked everybody on social media by photoshoping her photos trying to make herself more thick then she is"

"That bitch nunked me out of my money"
by unknownmale2005 September 01, 2017

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To Fake someone out, to lie, to trick
Chris: Yo Craig Amellia cheated on you
Craig: Brooooo are you for real

Chris: Nah, did I gas you
by Let's Bunce September 18, 2016

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