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When you hear the most illogical, dumb, and crazy shit come from a staunchy Liberal, that makes you question if you are sane.
lib-"if you are a conservative or a trump supporter, you are a complete nazi that hates rights of people"
Normal people-"Am I crazy, or am I catching liberalitis."
by Bear00 November 08, 2017

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Another way of saying liberal. A liberal who it a complete brat.
"Mommy, what is that girl doing"
"I don't know, I think it's a librat kicking a trump sign while yelling retard..."
"oh, okay"
by sirdefenition June 02, 2017

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A political ideology placing emotions and feelings before fact and evidence. Liberals have contributed to the politically correct culture of America, more or less stripping white Americans of the first amendment.
Conservative: Hey, transgenders have the highest suicide rate of any group in American history. Maybe we should keep them from joining the military, as they could be dangerous with a gun.

Liberal: How dare you make fun of and OPPRESS transgenders. You are cold, transphobic, racist, mysognistic, and vile.

*enter Ben Shapiro*

*Shapiro, to liberal* Shapiro: facts don’t care about your feelings. You’re a clear-cut example of a Liberal.
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by Dr. Milf November 25, 2018

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