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A liar.
Stop acting like Jess Kurtz!
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by ohleerow October 15, 2018

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What mothers say when their child asks them if they're looking but they're not actually.
Child: "Hey mother are you looking at what I'm doing?"

Mother: "Yeah, I'm looking".
by TheWordSubmitter April 13, 2017

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Someone who lies all the time
You are such a gabby
by Big Bobby Dean January 27, 2017

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An Amiris is a very bad friend and most of the time caught lying in most situations. If I knew an Amiris I would run away fast they are also known to get you in trouble.
"I heard a girl lied about her boy friend, she must be an Amiris."
by TheTruth546 March 10, 2018

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A female that lies about dumb stuff all the time
That hoe a real bucker
by Mr.Tyb12 January 27, 2019

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A Liar who hides themselfs fron the world. They probably make jokes at others expenses and will jab with insults sometimes... but thats only to hide how they feel inside. They are actually really insecure but they acted Cocky and Mean to distance themselves from others.

You just need to break down the wall of a Mako to befriend them... but that could result in a crush from them because you showed you actually cared.
"Dude, you know the new girl?"
"Yea, what about her?"
"I heard she was a jerk..."
"Oh so you mean Mako?"
by Mako... a Liar January 01, 2019

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In a Filipino Gay Lingo, it's a fictional character of all liar ex-boyfriends. When a gay asks his friend, "Were you a victim of Carlos Kevin San Jose?" that means "Were you fooled by your boyfriend?"
In Filipino slang, " Na-Carlos Kevin San Jose ka na naman, wag ka kasi maniwala sa kanya manloloko yun!"

(Did he again fool you? Don't believe his alibis, he's fooling you!"
by PinoySlang June 29, 2018

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