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gay people having children.
"Myah and Jelena have two children" they are a same-sex family.

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An umbrella term for any sexuality, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, and most other sexualities.
“I’m so gay for this girl.”
“i’m gay for that boy.”
by pj66420 October 03, 2018

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Jim: Yoooo man lgbt
Mario: ikr!!
by jujyjyhyhyhtgtfrfedwswsed May 12, 2018

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An individual who is romantically or sexually attracted to cartoon or anime characters.

Should be part of LGBT community
"I've always been C.A.Sexual but I just now realized it."
by PeopleLikeMeMoreThanYou October 08, 2016

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A nobodysexual is a person attracted to nobody sexually like an asexual person, BUT they also feel no romantic feeling Often confused with asexual but it's two completely different sexualities.
Max: You're so gay !
Levi: How dare you assume my sexuality?
Max: Huh?

Levi: Im nobodysexual
Max: Get fucked !
by thenobodysexualofficial July 16, 2018

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a faggi boi
" stop being such a cornelio rodriguez!"
by faggikiller December 12, 2017

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Snowflake sexuality society
A term for people who take LGBT issues too seriously and want to keep adding letters
Joe is part of the SSS.
by LizardBoi March 01, 2018

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