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A couple of hot, young lesbians.
The bar is full of baby beans tonight.
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by Eaton Holgoode March 09, 2017

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1. A specific sexual, lesbian act
Last night, Hannah and Amandie were scissoring. It sounded fun ;)
by AmigoPatata January 17, 2018

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A dominant lesbian. May or may not be of the masculine variety.
Leslie is a power bean. Her wife Ashleigh loves to be submissive.
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by Eaton Holgoode December 18, 2018

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a slang for lesbian
"look at that hoy lez kitty man! shes hot."
by backyarkcoldone January 31, 2018

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The lesbo queen of the Middle East and North Africa, this little pygmie looking shet is not only desperate for puss, but also kush at the same time,

You’ll be hard pressed to find somthing this trashy that it’d look at Oscar the grouch and be like ‘oh hey look at that chicken, it’s weed shaped, because it is one dense ass mother fucking pussy kicker,

But don’t let that fool ya, for it is also know to occasionally come out of its closet and twiddle a riddle on a widdle pickle, that is if you’re a woman, and by pickle I mean vagene
Lesbian 1, what do you know of Aabsaloutetrashh? I just got a friend request of it last week

Lesbian 2, aww it’s a sweet littl-

by Scrapulon December 30, 2018

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A slang term for lesbian women.
Look at the fucking clit cuddlers over there.
by Seb'sdeffs January 10, 2018

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Person 1: ur dAd!!1!1

Person 2: ?????

*person 2 goes on urban dictionary*

Person 2: ; - ;
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by Agust D? May 26, 2018

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