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1. A specific sexual, lesbian act
Last night, Hannah and Amandie were scissoring. It sounded fun ;)
by AmigoPatata January 17, 2018

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When a girl steals your girl.
Karina: It's Ms Steal Yo Girl
Luke: Don't you mean Mr?
Karina: No
by yeahbitchimalesbian June 04, 2018

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a slang for lesbian
"look at that hoy lez kitty man! shes hot."
by backyarkcoldone January 31, 2018

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A slang term for lesbian women.
Look at the fucking clit cuddlers over there.
by Seb'sdeffs January 10, 2018

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A woman pretending to be a lezbian and being loud about it.
Stop being a shlez.
I'm a shlez I only act like a lezbian.
by Spudding December 03, 2017

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A non-lesbian woman who rejects men by telling them that she is a lesbian.
Woman: I'm a leabian.
Man: Your dating profile says you're straight.
Woman: Exactly.
by NotTheFirstLeabian May 28, 2017

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Person 1: ur dAd!!1!1

Person 2: ?????

*person 2 goes on urban dictionary*

Person 2: ; - ;
via giphy
by Agust D? May 26, 2018

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