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Leonardo is a great person, and he is always there for you. The perfect boyfriend, always knows what to do to make you smile or feel better. He will always have your back, and will never back stab you. A gentleman, everyone needs a Leonardo in their life.
Is that Leonardo? He's the greatest person i have ever met!
by Qwsd January 06, 2017

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Literally the coolest kid that ever lived. He has 2 million followers on my space and edmodo and is probably immortal from his coolness. Also rumors say that he has a 9 meter pen 15.
Man You are such a savage or should I say... Leo.
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by Lit Kid 124 February 01, 2018

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leo: a boy with brown hair and brown eyes. you look at him and your heart melts, and his laugh and smile could light up a room. Whenever someone breaks up with that boy, they regret it immediately. he’s funny and fun to be around and i wish i didn’t break up with him
girl a: look at my boyfriend leo!
girl b: he’s so cute
girl a: he’s mine :)
by ayoalexá March 01, 2018

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