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A legend, 'a person with 'legendary qualities'
OMG look at that Youenn
by sergeantPringle October 09, 2017

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legend; slays all the hoes
Nateclip is daddy asf
by onlylegendsallowed May 16, 2018

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A fucking legend who has the biggest dick and fucks bitches
Fuck I bet kales is ducking butches right now
by Kaleee April 20, 2018

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Khoi is a loyal honest legend whom will stand for what's right and do bad things to bad people. Loves the military and isn't afraid to show it
You don't wanna mess with Khoi
by SergeantSmitty October 04, 2017

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A Nilavan is a person who is mad clever, basically anyone who achieves above average in anything is a nilavan.
It's used as a complement to a person. For example ‘man you are such a nilavan in science’
by TokeOfStoke September 15, 2018

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What a fucking legend sound massive penis
Jeez Brian Moore is class
by Thatnicecaringdude October 09, 2018

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A type of guy who just doesn’t give a toss. He will literally do anything you say and sometimes does things by accident and gets a laugh out of everyone.
Sunny: oi Holmnella drink those 8 shots!
Holmenella: alright

(Falls over pissed out his head)
Sunny: hahaha
by Stanley python June 24, 2018

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