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A legend, 'a person with 'legendary qualities'
OMG look at that Youenn
by sergeantPringle October 09, 2017
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Just a dead on fella if ya run inta him buy him a drink you won't regret it he's proper banter and makes for a good friend and amazing lover. Legend tells us he once tought a tiger to dance and that he once beat Jesus in a drinking contest after they had defeated an army of horny dwarf bears in later years this was celebrated as Christmas. If you find him on your journey through life consider yourself blessed.
Holy fucking shit Batman it's Ryan Gibson!
by Truthspeakerandloverofgods February 25, 2017
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Khoi is a loyal honest legend whom will stand for what's right and do bad things to bad people. Loves the military and isn't afraid to show it
You don't wanna mess with Khoi
by SergeantSmitty October 04, 2017
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