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On an app called 'Wattpad' someone mistaked the acronym 'LYT' for 'Leet' and reported their hilarious mistake in the comment section. Two people jumped on the Leet wagon and then the person who made the mistake joined the passé as well. It is now a cult called 'The Leetasauruses'.
Wow! They're a Leet! Part of the greatest cult; 'The Leetasaruses'!
by Louisebelcherdoesntlikewaffles January 26, 2017
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1337. Short for “leet” or elite” Used by gamers or hackers. You’ll hear lots of YouTube gamers such as Syndicate say “1337”
i t0tally pnwed u. u r so a n00b and i am so 1337
by LDB1337 January 19, 2018
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