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Kick the cup: give up lean/ purple drank
I would rather die than kick the cup

Lil pump: I will kick your grandma before I kick the cup
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by LlamaQueenBISH May 29, 2018

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A particular individual who is notorious for drinking the popular street drug known as lean, generally a black person from the ghetto
Man, Darnell is such a fucking lean monkey
by Edgy hedgy July 13, 2017

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Any activity that involves leaning.
Simon knew that archery was a sport, because he had to lean to shoot the arrow.
by Logan the leaner October 20, 2017

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Lean is a drink also know as Suzzurp making the person feel high. Here is how to make it.
Jolly Ranchers
Pump me some lean
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by Dakid1000 May 02, 2018

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A slang term for Lean
Aye man my boy Trey just cooked up some of that grape juice in his bedroom. Let's go grab some sips eh?
by Leyef October 01, 2017

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