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lazy guy
you're such a jeffrey!
by justmick March 24, 2017

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Human sloth. Laziest mother fucker on the face of the planet. May possibly be polish for sloth.
Hey Richard, don’t be a Skubisz and go clean the yard!
by Scribbles169 June 12, 2018

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A serious disease which makes a person lie on bed for no reason.
Dude, i got serious case of bedzmyplacia.
I think I have Bedzmyplacia
by Thegramalectiction July 06, 2017

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When you face fuck a girl who has her wrists tied to her ankles laying on her stomach on a merry go round while wearing an eye patch over your left eye.
Joseph got dizzy while giving kayla the lazy Susan at the park.
by Floweringmeadow March 25, 2017

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Moriah is unemployed and she won’t ever be employed
by Ihaveareadshirt September 25, 2017

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A common mental health issue that makes a person very lazy. It is sometimes contagious and could be permanent.
Becky I don’t want to go to school. I think I might have lazinessitis.
by Yickatee September 08, 2018

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Christina Sarah Gault.
christina sarah gault is lazy.
by weirdowithanaccount August 09, 2018

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