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Typically a boy with outstanding hair. Jikari has an outstanding personality and can always make your day by entertaining you and giving you laughs all day. You can get very comfortable around this person. This person might seem like a friend type if person, but has a personal love life as well.
I wish I had Jikari here to cheer me up and make me laugh.
by PrincessGal July 05, 2017

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A 5 foot 10 inch tall Irish guy that has a kink for ass-slapping/spanking. Most Seans usually have brown hair and blue eyes and are quirky and make a lot of stupid jokes. They are very dirty minded and make dirty jokes and tend to masturbate about 6 or 7 times a day. They are very hairy and can be mistaken for a lumberjack when they really are just some dude that stays in a recording room all day long drinking nothing but coffee and eating nothing but Pringles. Seans have a fast metabolism and never get fat even when they eat a whole buffet. They can eat a party platter of sandwiches fit for 27 people and can only gain 2 pounds. These Seans are skinny and don't sweat because their sweat glands are broken.

Seans are very fun to be around and are very kind and gentle. Most of the time they are loud but are very quiet when serious. Seans are good at eating ass and are very well mannered. They eat ass with a fork and knife. Seans are great in bed and usually have an 8 inch long dick. He will please all of the women with his soft soothing voice, his soft skin, and his HUGE DICK.

Seans have a good sense of humor and know exactly what makes you laugh. Seans are very intelligent, kind, charming, witty, humorous, attractive, and sexy. They might sound like a gay douchebag, but they can make your heart skip a beat. They are amazing people and you'd be lucky to have a Sean in your life. Seans always just wanna make you

*smacks whiteboard and makes 6 markers fall onto floor*

Amy: WTF!? You have a best friend named Sean!? I bet he's a really cool dude!

Mark: Yeah, he's been my best friend for a couple of years now. Soon I'm gonna take him to this place with a pole-dancing instructor to teach both of us how to pole dance.

Amy: Wtf Mark.


Sean grabbed 5 different coloured markers and began writing on the board vigorously. As he wrote the 5 letters, he sang a nice jingle to go along with it.

"L is for lovers, who love one another. A is for ASS. Of which I like to eat. U is for the you're the only one for me. G is for the only Gamer I see. H is for Happy. I always feel it. When you put it together.. what do you get? What do you get?"

He sang in a light tone before stopping to smack his whiteboard making all of his markers fall. Sean yelled into his camera:

by DanaWolf_UwU February 25, 2019

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A beautiful, smart, and funny female. Makes everyone laugh when they need one. Can help freinds out and will do anything for them. Caring about her family and friends. She is a loyal.
Taaliah you always make me laugh.
by Fytb May 20, 2017

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