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When you are late during a group chat
You are pulling a Sara, by being fashionably late.
by Sara Petrouski February 12, 2017

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People who use Nigerian Time are people who usually arrive at or start an event late. Not Punctual. Late
The Event begins at 8am prompt. Please no Nigerian Time
by troublemakerofafrica September 24, 2018

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Being 30+ minutes late after organizing something and insisting your "on your way"
Homie 1: (11:30) Hey homie lets go get some fucking chipotle
Homie 2: Sure lets meet at 12

(2 Hours Later)

Homie 1: Where are you? I think im (getting) Max'd!
Homie 2: Trust fam I'm putting on my shoes now.
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by PussyXDestroyer90000 April 06, 2017

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