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Goetian is an alternate name for Chinese, Wu. It has ISO 639-3 for official language number.
by IrisZ November 01, 2018

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used when you're too lazy to type '?'
someone: hey dude.
you: /
someone: are you ready to go to the game tomorrow/
by Originating May 29, 2018

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The language invented by white people.
That guy's white. He must be speaking in English.
by Van thomas April 17, 2018

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Something that makes up a language.
Let's have a word.

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A weird language in which two friends made one day to pass time, and now make it their goal to educate others of this language. All attempts made in vain.

This language is widely used in the United States of America and can be translated into French, Irish, and German

Fish and pigeons use this language often.
Bubble bubble bubble *I'm bored* i like bubble language
via giphy
by sorcha12345678 February 06, 2017

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The language in which people fairly new to social media speak, no one can understand them
Oh my gosh he just keeps speaking jashanese!
by rroollyyaatt October 27, 2018

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A mystical language
I speak in the magical language of Tate :)
by itzash October 25, 2018

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