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a lame school that involves annoying people trying to date people from homer junior high because they can't get anyone from their school. and the boys only care about ass and the girls are bitches.
Wow she seems like she goes to oak prairie... she's rude.
by narly superman November 22, 2016

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An emotion of cringe and unsatisfaction.
When you say hi back to someone, only to realise they were waving at the person behind you.
The uncertainty of whether you should wave to an acquaintance you don't know well.
When someone catches you staring at them and instead of looking away you hold their gaze.
Trying to make conversation but neither of you know what to say.
When your friend leaves you with their friend that you don't know very well and you two have to interact.
The uncomfortable silence of two people or more.
"There was an awkward silence when everyone ran out of things to talk about."
"The whole group fell into awkward silence when Bob made a lame joke"
by Firexxyass December 11, 2017

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Anything your friends do/sing that they saw in a Youtube video. Usually after that dance or song has become unpopular. (Sometimes your friends make you cringe nevertheless)
"Come on bro. Singing Jake Paul's song and dabbing at the same time is making me Cringe."
"Fortnite dances make me Cringe."
by Aquertyon February 06, 2019

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A lazy fuck who never wants to do anything.

Lays in bed all day.

Simply just lazy.

This person is also a lame.

Can’t hang in a smoking sesh.

My little brother.
Alex you’re fucken flop.
by eeinaleem January 13, 2019

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Nicolette; a type of girl who has different personalities; weird freaky but okay person; goofy but lame..
You are so a Nicolette right now...
by Queen.A.E.H. May 09, 2018

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a not funny person
That was such a prince guptta joke
via giphy
by mininininininininyo June 30, 2018

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Something or somebody lame
You are so bap / that’s so bap
by Ikeepongrinding February 24, 2018

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