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Usually said when trying to settle down at least two or more females in a quarrel.
Jessica: You're such a slut, Stacy

Stacy: At least I didn't suck off the entire football team

Chad: Ladies ladies! Let's all calm down.
by loolkool April 26, 2019

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Andreas is a beautiful person preferably male that is usually Greek or Italian he is very funny and popular but also a dickhead and can be violent at some times that he can't control there anger. The girls also fall for him as he is amazing in bed,anytime any day he is also a sex god. He is also athletic and uaualy blonde or brown hair he also has a big penis(ladies) he also has a good taste in musics and clothes.unfortunatly he/she army very good at dancing or spelling, and if in school he is the cheeky/naughty one
Andreas is going to the party!!

Girl faints
by Annomonussss September 12, 2017

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