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A Joel Stinson is a very cool person who is liked by many people. He is funny, honest and kind, which is why everyone likes him. When a Joel Stinson gets to the age of 4 he will meet a boy called Jenson. They will get along well and soon grow to be amazing friends that could share any secret know matter how big or how small to each other. Even if they get seperated, they will always find ways of meeting up again because their friendship will never be destroyed. A Joel Stinson and a Jenson will be best friends for the rest of their lives. They are like two peas in a pod.
Did you see that Joel Stinson the other day?
by Joel Stinson November 03, 2016

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A bunch of class lads who play football with great banter.
That team is class, must be Lads FC.
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by TheLadsOnTour September 17, 2017

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A young Irish male whose mind is focused only on treating the opposite sex like meat. They have idiotic hairstyles and wear luminous coloured shorts.
"Here, will you meet my friend?" "Fuck no." "Cheek of him, what a lad."
by Nalleh August 09, 2017

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