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A school with many clubs and sports. A school without a prom. You’ll always use the word kms because it sounds like kmhs. A basic Kellenberg girl rolls their skirt, wears a scrunchie, and has ripped stockings. A school with many cliques and many animals. Half the boys are full of themselves. Oh and you’ll starve and become dehydrated.
She is such a Kellenberg girl.
by 96309 March 11, 2018

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Screw my life
Person 1: Did you study for the bio quiz?
Person 2: No, it was today???
Person 1: Yeah
Person 2: SML
by Double Helix44 February 06, 2017

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I such a burden, I should just kms
by AnonymousTeardrops December 13, 2017

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A guy that friend-zones the hottest and most loyal friend he can get. Although he is very funny and nice, he can sometimes be annoying as he doesn't listen to other people's opinions about who to date. Fletcher likes new girls to crush on as sometimes he gets BORED of the people who legitimately care for him. Many people get lost in his charming blue eyes and blonde hair but is awoken by how he again FRIEND-ZONES them.
Girl 1- Look at that hot guy!
Girl 2- I wouldn't touch him as he is a Fletcher

Girl 1- oh
by ugh111 July 12, 2017

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Kms is a shitty place that no one wants to be in.It is living hell.all the teachers are ass and everybody knows it.Overall bad education and trash school. Kms stands for kill my self.
Kennedy middle school is a middle school in the lakeshore school district.
by Penis liquer November 26, 2018

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an emotionally unstable lesbian/problem child who is trying her best and cant succeed.
"why does she exist??"

"there needs to be a gabbriella in the world smh"
by homosexualproblemchild December 19, 2017

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commit die
Bianca: I wanna fucking kms
Bella: WHy?
Bianca: because i read quackitysmut

Lisa: I read it every night
commit die
by binac March 28, 2019

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