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A name used for describing a person who rises above all kings.
An Amraj is better than a king
by Lelboy September 13, 2016

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A superior name. The gods used this name for royal blood.
“Bro check out Jarzen”
“King Jarzen I call to you”
by XtremeSteven21 May 10, 2018

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Nibba Whomst steal your stuff and beat you up but the one you still Love
or simply put
Chuck Norris
Man i aspire to be like chuck norris.
what the fuck,you mean aakash?
by Anande July 12, 2017

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The King always funny, usually quiet but once you get to know him hes an amazing person to be around, has lots of female friends,loves and cares for women, probably slept with one of the girls you know, never gives up, sexy, smart,usually very fit, get you a JaQuil
Damn JaQuilis Amazing
Have you seen the way jaQuil Looks
JaQuil is so funny
by Alloy17 July 05, 2017

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A god amongst men
Dont sleep on faytress
by Svhudsh March 14, 2017

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is a really wierd messed up guy who like killing humans
benjji killed someone else
by mertal March 06, 2017

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