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the act of being kind
nice being a kind person
by Sawyer kamel March 07, 2019

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A Calvin is a Sweet and a kind person that everyone loves to hang out with and talk to . A Calvin is the best person out there.
Rose:Hey do you see that kind guy

Rose's friend: He must be a Calvin
by Notachicken! August 19, 2019

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Beautiful smart kind loving caring for all
Ceecee is the typ of person that gives her all to people no matter what happened to them and she is the typ of girl that will feed any body that needs it
by Queenceecee June 30, 2019

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Doing something for someone in a kind way
If a girl/ guy is being nice to a guy/girl it doesn’t mean they like them, they are just being nice!
by Lhdhdhhddv May 21, 2019

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thomas and Alexia are a great couple. there kind and loyal to each other. even though one of them might be a little shy they truly love each other or if they are in middle school or something they truly like each other. they have so much in common even tho at first they don't see it.
thomas and Alexia are so cute together. I think they will last forever
via giphy
by lexi.girl December 15, 2017

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A super kind guy
he's such a Filippo Hanley
by hbv dwvchj bshvjd December 05, 2018

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