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Hollan is a very gorgeous women. She is quite shy at times and stubborn. She does not like being told what to do or that she needs a man to keep her going. She is very kind and generous. She will never turn back on a friend and will alwyas stick up for you. oh and don't make a hollan mad!
That hollan is so gorgeous
by Real side chick December 21, 2016
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Micah is all you can dream about he keeps you extremely happy and knows all the right things to say to you , he's very kind and can change your mood in seconds you can trust him with everything and he means everything he says most people love him and very well like him
this guy texted me a sweet message, his name must be micah
by heygirlfunnyduckstanley June 16, 2017
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A loving but sensitive friend who gets upset really fast but is really pretty everyone hates on her for that
Person1: “eww is that a namal”
Person2 :”yh she’s so pretty but I don’t like her for some reasons”
by Cleveland jr January 18, 2018
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Pretty cool love god family friends and her self she a goal chaser and always will receive her goals
Jakaiya means. Kind. Careful goal maker
by Queen.kaiya January 16, 2018
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thomas and Alexia are a great couple. there kind and loyal to each other. even though one of them might be a little shy they truly love each other or if they are in middle school or something they truly like each other. they have so much in common even tho at first they don't see it.
thomas and Alexia are so cute together. I think they will last forever
via giphy
by lexi.girl December 15, 2017
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-Amazing outstanding person
- To love or be loved
- Honest
- Loyal
Kaprinia can be anyone depending on their personality.
by Wavy Kp May 28, 2017
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