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To go and murder someone, the "white chalk" referring to the white chalk outline that is left at a crime scene by investigators after someone is murdered and the body is removed.
We're out here white chalking these ni**as.
by ecksdee_ September 14, 2018

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A very vengeful kill. It includes plucking the eyeballs and harshly removing the aorta and the saliva glands. Very painful and bad.
The angry man threatened to pullan the thief.
by Luck Buck January 04, 2017

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The thing I did to ur mom last night.
God I just killed ur moms booty.
by KillurMum October 09, 2018

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To kill without thinking
"Damn yo he just commited a 033"
by Rahky August 17, 2017

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The hottest hunkyest 30 inch penis man who's very sexual and strong pashinabal and is also a king in 1209
Jason lorelle is a smart pashinabal man
by Jason Lorelle February 15, 2017

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Nice and loyal but will try to kill you in your sleep. She will act all nice until she tries to kill you. She will be planning it for awhile first she will run you into door and throw a volleyball at your face and then it all begins!!!!
Macy killed the little girl and pulled her into the sewer
by FBI van 6 October 10, 2017

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