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Speaking Ill of younger people in a comical way.
Well are you teachers besmirchin the urchins?
by I, Wreckerrr November 12, 2016

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Put the thing in the thing.
How are kids made
via giphy
by Pusy_eater January 26, 2018

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Seven-year-olds are curious and frequently ask adults and peers questions to satisfy their need to know.
seven year olds are aggravating
by Cilena July 12, 2017

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A couple That Sticks together Forever.Not telling Who the Couple is But they Are Very Funny, and willing to Have Kids with you
Hey looks It's Nataro The Two That are forever Together
by Jxdes September 05, 2018

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The horror...
I’m going to die young because my children are giving me anxiety and depression
by That one random kid June 08, 2018

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Bratty little punks that never shut up and are always screaming in Walmart and piss my grandma off and she wants shoot them badly. Kids make horrible pets never bring them into your home or you will regret it
Kids never fucking shut up
by Tiger Noir May 11, 2018

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When your girl is pregnant with twins and you kick her down the stairs
Dude how are you going pay for two kids.

Dont story bro, I gave her the old combo breaker. Took care of everything.
by Bootylicious4468 January 10, 2019

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