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when u slide your finger on the middle row left to right then the top row right to left then drag the bottom row right to left
Why did i type in asdfghjklpoiuytrewqmnbvcxz
by Ol' reliable May 31, 2017

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Wooooow. You wrote the letters of the keyboard three times.
"Look at this" somebody sees on the computer"qqqwwweeerrrtttyyyuuuiiiooopppaaasssdddfffggghhhjjjkkklllzzzxxxcccvvvbbbnnnmmm"
by SSSSSDDDDD May 27, 2018

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When you're supposed to be typing an essay you procrastinated on and it's due the next day, but are at a writer's block.
Charles Dickens and Mary Poppins were known as mlpnkobjovhivhucgyxftzdrseawq.

Therefore, it mlpnkobjovhivhucgyxftzdrseawq.
by keyboardpuppet11 September 20, 2018

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People Who Uppercase The First Letter In Every Word Just Like This
I had an argument with a Title Typer on a video about Trump
by XMG772 March 18, 2017

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