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Kekkles- A descendant of the word kek. Is used to mock something in the meaning of a joke.
Jameskii- I hit 1 million subscribers

Pyrocynical- Kekkles
by CodeNume July 24, 2016

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The name given to a well hung man who may have or may be growing man titties.
That Froren is one well hung dude, but I think his chest is growing.
by Sebbiebro October 05, 2017

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When a friend or significant other responds to you with "kek," they're uninterested in what you're saying or showing, therefore ending the conversation. This places you into the kekzone for a period of time.
You: Hey! Look at this funny image I've found! {image}
Friend: kek
You: Ugh, kekzone strikes again!
by Silhouhat December 22, 2017

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A man who is well hung but may have man titties.
That Froren guy is like a black guy, only with tits.
by Sebbiebro October 05, 2017

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Gay fathers or what I call skittles.
I love to swallow the juices of my Rainbow Daddies!
via giphy
by ItsDankConsensualRape September 16, 2017

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The act of sneezing whilst you cum.
Dude I was snuming so hard last night I thought I was going to forget to pull out.
by €olishpolish December 17, 2016

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