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Keithine is a beautiful woman that everyone should love no matter what because she will risk anything to keep someone alive.She is brave and strong.Whoever is with her should stay with her because she is amazing.You will never find anyone as wonderful and life changing as her.She will always stand up for people no matter who they are.Dont ever let her go because she is the only woman you will ever find that will love you.Even If she’s made many mistakes she is the woman for you.
Keithine a life changing woman.
by Martin157 February 26, 2018

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Everyone has a Keith. A Keith is that guy who cheats on his girlfriend and has hella girls on the side. Keith continuously encourages your own boyfriend to be just like him. Don't be a Keith.
"I get so pissed when my boyfriend hangs out with Keith"
by Jlodow March 16, 2017

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A little ass nigga that likes guys fingering his butthole. If your a guy and have a friend named Keith, watch out. He’s definitely thinking about your fingers in his ass, he’s also a dick too.
Keith? Yea I hate that guy. One time he wanted me to finger his ass.
by SanchoElPancon February 25, 2018

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Fat Guy With Small Penis
Brutis Has A Small Penis
by WillStreet September 12, 2016

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A Keith is known as a Majestic turtle thot who is seeking to find fellow turtle family he is also know for being the maker of "Ethan's song" let him forever be know forever as a turtle thot
The legend of "turtles of the Keith"
by Lil_tidepod March 11, 2018

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