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People named Justin are very smart, but sometimes they use their "smarty" side on unnecessary subjects. They tend to be very stubborn and mean at times, but they eventually gain your friendship. Sometimes they can be very funny or they can be a devil. When they feel bad for themselves or if they are made fun of, they will act very sad and mad at the same time, especially over text. Although it is very humorous when they get mad.
That Justin is just wants things to be his way, but he is still my friend!
by soMEboDy anOnYMOus February 23, 2017

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The boy who literally compares to know one else, he is cute, nerdy, and compassionate. Justin is the type of boy who won't hesitate to do something for you even if you don't know him that well. He acts standoffish sometimes but only because he is trying to be cool. Justin is the type of person who you don't want to let walk out of your life, but you are too shy to tell him how you feel.
You don't need an example to know how great Justin is.
by buddybb August 10, 2018

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A person who laughs way to hard at jokes even if they are worst jokes. Also if they are in trouble they’ll blame it on you.
That guy is such a Justin so that why I got in trouble last night.
by Terroist number 1 November 16, 2017

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A person who really cares about a Angelina and Loves her more.
I love you Angelina. No I do loser. This definition proves I'm right.😉 The names Justin.
by Lil_Justin123 July 13, 2017

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a stupid fucker how sucks dicks and drinks jizz out of solo cups, or just a general dick head how is the worst person ever
that dude is a total justin
by nickZS January 21, 2017

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Someone that is shity because he is mean and a f###ing as##ole.
Person one.
Is that the devil
Person two

Indeed it is

Person three

fuck you devil.
by Justin 15th of december December 15, 2018

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