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A weapon of mass destruction targeted against democratic western nations.
Putin: okay, today we unleash our secret weapon.
Scientist: understood, gender misappropriation activated in the west sir.
Putin: Very good, this homosexuality weapon shall reduce their population. The time will come.
by Manifest101 October 12, 2018

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When someone attempts to make a 1-dimensional joke but instead makes a joke that lacks even the slightest hint of a shallow dimension. To make it worse, the joke often contains stereotypical, dorky, and/or unfiltered humor and references and is still not funny.

The joke often results in complete silence and awkwardness.
Patrick: *Making a cocktail*
Group of Girls: What drink are you making?
Patrick: Corpse Reviver -- but I'm so tired right now, this drink won't even revive me!
Everyone: *Silence*
Kory: Now THAT was a non-dimensional joke!
by karsick August 15, 2018

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You worship a towel
I'm apart of towelism
by Rockonthehouse May 31, 2018

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Subtlety setting up a situation where you have the oppritunity to make a far more powerful humorous event.
(E.g. starting a chain reaction so 2 friends comment on diffferent things, then making a pun out of the two subjects then implying that pun was improvised)

"Dude, you're a natural at humormining. I couldn't stop laughing last night!"
by markthesalad February 06, 2017

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As you know a joke is something funny you say to someone... So I thought I would share a few jokes! These are either original ones that we all know... Or ones that we all knew that have been changed to make them even better... Here goes!
Bob: wanna hear a joke?

Steve: sure.

Bob: why did the chicken cross the playground?


To get to the other slide!!

Steve: nice! Let hear another.

Bob: what did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror?


I look Gouda

Steve: lol
by Emo MCR lover August 24, 2016

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Someone that is below a joke, a yappie talks a lot but doesn't act upon what they preach...
Oscar:"I thought you were going to show up at the party last night
Leon: "Dude, my girl wouldn't let me go out!
Oscar: "You're such a yappie.
by dsffa December 14, 2017

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anoying propably autistic eats your moms pussy at fridays gay furry
you just like luka moravcevic, gay furry
via giphy
by xdletsgomatedoughxd February 18, 2019

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