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The act of following the majestic and almighty John John actions of this often include a pilgrimage to the temple of John
Tommy is now a johnist and follows johnism
by Thegendermocker69 June 11, 2018

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An Idoit who thinks he is more manly than every one but he actually isn't and he thinks he's smart but he aint
John ur stooooopid
by Tacobejj April 17, 2019

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This nigga cool asf he smoove w the ladies and ne running through the hoes .
Rahjai is that nigga
by Mynighafrank March 14, 2018

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A gay fagot that trades you
Hey get over him hes a john
by Cameron Rumbaugj November 01, 2017

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when you say something during a group chat, and never respond
When you are pulling a john, and then everyone gets confused.
by Sara Petrouski February 12, 2017

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A name to describe a very ugly child.
"Poor Stacy, her child is so ugly.'"
"I know, too bad she gave birth to a Zwick."
by Jonathan Franklin June 12, 2017

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a deminsion where donuts are used as hockey soccer balls.
I am so John-kyle definition today
by John has a big owie December 21, 2018

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