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An ocean dwelling Jew.
The real problem with sea Jews is they can't be burned.
by Sandyman69 November 02, 2017

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A really funny lookin Jew he can also go by the word “adem niglet”
John:“Adem sandler is a funny Jew right Tim”
Tim:”yeah John he’s a fucking legend
by CrypticJew69 February 16, 2018

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Grinch (grɪntʃ): noun

The Jewish equivalent of the N word
Man, that grinch always ruins bacon for me.
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by Diriector_Doc March 31, 2017

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A jew
You see Avery that jew over there
by NICKISaWeSomE398 December 19, 2017

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A dirty money grubber, often a Jew who collects items of currency and contaminates them with his jew schneckal nose
Did you see Daniel counting penny’s in the bathroom what a dirty money grubber
by Lord_MorossKanker December 17, 2017

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When something is fully big it clogs reality man and hell yeah. and then fat!
Well if it isn't a rather lardic male if i do not ever say so myself. #suefacebookm9
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by fat male December 09, 2016

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Gay Jew that is some how came from another planet and forever will be know as the kid with a big forehead
Nobody like that Landon kid his forehead is huge
by Big Hew October 17, 2018

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