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A thot hoe-ass lil tricc Nazi; Lil Fire emburem Elitist supporter of Animal husbandry and theorizes that rats are dead Nazi soldier reincarnates, therefore he has a strong affection for the small mammals. He has the face of a Greek God if a Greek god was a smexi-mexi yaoi seme. Like a Greek God he believes he is a:
-Nohr Prince or Princess (Sword, Stone) - Upgrades to Nohr Noble (Sword, Stone, Tome) or Hoshido Noble (Sword, Stone, Staff)
-Songstress (Lance) - Only one specialized character
-Dread Fighter (Sword, Axe, Shuriken) - Available via DLC or in Special Edition
-Dark Falcon (Lance, Tome) - Available via DLC or in Special Edition
-Lodestar (Sword) - Special Amiibo Class
-Vanguard (Sword, Axe) - Special Amiibo Class
-Grandmaster (Sword, Tome) - Special Amiibo Class
-Great Lord (Sword, Lance) - Special Amiibo Class
- Dota 2 World-Class player

And his special skill is giving his emotionally traumatized friends a Robbie Rotten level of beyond holy, very fappable, Yaoi chin via a mighty hex that he's spent his whole life perfecting. He blesses you with this by side-glancing at you with his beady little eyes akin to the very rat he has his gaming mouse inside of as we speak; eyes rich with depths of knowledge and wistfulness. He's still working to hone and wizen his most iconic skill- calling people cuck and sand nigger and pouring milk first into the bowl then the cereal, that fucker.
Person 1: Daddy Mike Pence yonder I can see a future in which you make my prostate cease to exist with ur fist and I wish to fish out the

will to live

out of your booty
Person 1 aka Valve Corp: *sighs and shakes his head with a humored smirk upon his face* Oh; that Kuntarakornkiti!
by IJustWantToBeHappyInLife April 01, 2017

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A type of mac n cheese sent from heaven by the gods. It can be found in normal retail stores. It consist of shapes of Jesus, a Cross, and a fish. The divine meal is revered by highschoolers everywhere. It is said to heal your soul and is only ten minutes to a miraculous meal. They join in large congregations to partake in the consuming of the Mac and Cheesus. Many view this practice as unusual, but these people have clearly not eaten Mac and Cheesus.
Damn that Mac and Cheesus was divine!
by Bobert Hoppey November 07, 2018

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A cunt who steals sticks
This guy i nicknamed Carnodragon stole all my goddamn sticks!
by Cryolo October 27, 2017

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by Bob Ross Trash December 26, 2018

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A holiday centered around a character from the world's first manga that's celebrated by children ages 6 and up.
Come to church and celebrate Ash Wednesday with us. There will be whole wheat bread and filter water!
by homer definitions May 05, 2018

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an amazing personwho nbody deserves bevause everybody is not free from sin remember to praise jesus
person 1: did you see hunmo over there
person 2: yes but i do not deserve them because i dont praise the lord jesus
person 1: too bad i do lol
by RUDE-y December 09, 2017

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The name of an amazing woman. Marija-Ana is the name of an amazing girlfriend. She is the closest human being to come to perfection. One of the greatest things about her is how loving, caring, sweet and compassionate she is. Her hobbies include: painting beatiful pictures, cutely failing at playing every video game she tries to play, dancing. All of that coupled with her cute and a bit sexy appearance makes her one of the best, if not the best woman that has ever lived or that will ever live. She is female Jesus. Perfection.
Wow! I wish I was as perfect as Marija-Ana! I'm so jealous.
by CroatianChairGuy August 07, 2017

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