#jerking off

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Another name for jerking off.
“Is Jim coming? No he’s at home fighting his clown.”
by Gupster December 12, 2017

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When your dominant arm is more buff than your non dominant due to the effect of oftenly masturbating.
Man: "I swear, my left arm is strong, but it doesn't look like it compared to my right."
Man 2: "How often do you beat the meat? Sounds like a case of Muscle Jerkitis."
by Sid Phillips June 25, 2017

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When you look down after jerkin it on the toilet and see them swimming around.
Hey mom! Wanna see my bathroom guppies!
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by IHaveNeverJerkedItOnTheToilet August 17, 2018

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Susan came home to find here brother in her room basting the ham to a photo of her
by Somsaltibois July 14, 2018

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The act of jerking off on an oak tree
Person 1: oh dude let’s go have a oak jerk with the guys.
Person 2: hell yah hat sounds great I fucking live oaking!
by QueenBee27 January 24, 2018

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Masturbating or Jerking off
Thomas's mom caught him fucking Sally Black.
by Urboytravis November 03, 2017

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A scenario when, as you're in the process of masturbating to porn, your friend texts you and the text pops up at the top of your viewing screen blocking some of the action.
Jerry: (Masturbating to porn)

Friend texts: yo could I borrow your notes from class? I was absent today.

Jerry: Dude you caught me mid-jerk.
by serd12 June 18, 2018

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