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A pointy chinned jerk who will order nukes on giants near your location.
Mansley: Launch the nukes!
General: Those nukes are aimed at the giants current location! Where's the giant Mansley?
Mansley: Ohh...
by Liamwajqr March 05, 2018

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that dirtwad just kicked him.
by WerdNerd3000 January 16, 2018

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Short for jerking off material. Crazy stuff that you can masturbate to.
Have you seen these Riley Reid jerkmats? I nutted like 6 times last night.
by Sanddunescage January 17, 2019

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2 or more men set off on a competition to see which man ejaculates first. The contest measures the following: amount of ejaculate, quality of the specimen, and naturally, smell. similar to boxing regulations, there are many variations of the rules and often has no clear cut winner, but unlike boxing, everyone wins in the end.
your loads are pathetic, I challenge you to a jerk-off !
by B-dones September 16, 2018

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Johnnny is the worst kind of guy in the world everyone hates him
Omg he's acting like a "johnnny" eww
by 1238373726 November 18, 2016

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A person that farts a lot and bullies kids, and calls them little, even if there bigger than them. Cameron also laughs at people, but he likes Heather too. He is also called a jerk.
Cameron laughed at Tyler when he fell. Cameron was being a jerk because its mean to laugh at people when they get hurt. Jerk is a person that is mean to other people for no reason. Cameron Morshita is a jerk that is mean because he laughs at peoples' misfortunes.
by MathMaster05 January 31, 2018

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A girl who has a crush on a curly-haired guy. How stupid.
Oh. My. God. Kathrinca! You keep on waiting to be noticed by him! Whatever, he's a jerk, lmao.
by Pastel's Palette ♡ February 09, 2018

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