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A pointy chinned jerk who will order nukes on giants near your location.
Mansley: Launch the nukes!
General: Those nukes are aimed at the giants current location! Where's the giant Mansley?
Mansley: Ohh...
by Liamwajqr March 05, 2018

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that dirtwad just kicked him.
by WerdNerd3000 January 16, 2018

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Johnnny is the worst kind of guy in the world everyone hates him
Omg he's acting like a "johnnny" eww
by 1238373726 November 18, 2016

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A Mexican name used in folk stories

Can be used in a sentence to mean jerk from being used from a show from the 80’s.
Man, that girls such an Abbie C.

What an Abbie.
by Jane Cannon November 30, 2017

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A girl who has a crush on a curly-haired guy. How stupid.
Oh. My. God. Kathrinca! You keep on waiting to be noticed by him! Whatever, he's a jerk, lmao.
by Pastel's Palette ♡ February 09, 2018

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A person that farts a lot and bullies kids, and calls them little, even if there bigger than them. Cameron also laughs at people, but he likes Heather too. He is also called a jerk.
Cameron laughed at Tyler when he fell. Cameron was being a jerk because its mean to laugh at people when they get hurt. Jerk is a person that is mean to other people for no reason. Cameron Morshita is a jerk that is mean because he laughs at peoples' misfortunes.
by MathMaster05 January 31, 2018

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a mean coach and who is a jerk and lovesss to say unfucking believable. :) she thinks everyone talks but lol we don’t
“unfucking believable” -Coach olga
by hehehei April 20, 2019

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