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She is crazy,funny,and has many friend she is always kind to others and has lots of friends
Jennas my best friend
by Vtbhjhnj January 21, 2018

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This is Jenna sweethearts. And I just got on this site for the 1st time in forever. And i'm glad i did. Cuz i just realized i got haters on here.

And Natalia u dont think i'd figure it out... Your dumb for dissing me on here like really dumb cuz nobodys ever cared what u think. Your a back stabbing b****. Going to the bar, pretending to be friends, wanting to do things w/me. Then talk s*** blaming me that u were feeling "too spacey" to go out but u showed u anyways.. You were the only one not having fun. If u wanted to party- should've been on the dance floor idiot. I once thought u were really cute. But your ❤'s not. Be a star in under your own umbrella, cuz from what i read you suck at using mine.

And to you Nicole,

Your a dumb a$$ b****! And i'm sure its been a long time since u thought of me. But since u've hated on me on this site, f*** you too! I had no idea u felt that way back then. I heard u are bartending these days & it's a perfect fit 4u. Since in life u've always been a s*** talking sleezeball, & surely there u'll find plenty of ppl to creep on. Never knew u cared to hate on me on here. No wonder ur fave utube video was once about a snake. Cuz thats what u are. You're a slithering sneaky little snake. But thanks for your effort, time & your fucked up thoughts.

Peace out.

Ps. Screw your responses to any of this. Nat, your so lame esp, and esp, for the time you've wasted putting stuff on here. Your the worst, fakest "friend" ive ever known
Jenna putting two b****s on the spot!
by I❤Jenna!! June 05, 2018

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She is a goofy introvert who LOVES pandas. She loves the internet and is a total jokester.
What is everyone laughing at?
Oh Jenna made a joke.
via giphy
by Alex2004 June 15, 2018

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A short person
Jenna is short
by Blair7375 January 02, 2019

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When Jenna lies to you
Jenna decieted me with an x
by kIKIdoYouLoVeMe July 14, 2018

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