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Berna is your girlfriend's jealous side. She usually comes out when you go out with "the boys"... Like another girls profile pic.. etc. She likes to identify as a candle because if you forget about her too long.. then she will burn down your house.
If you want your girlfriend to keep berna locked away.. then you should probably stay home and order pizza.
by Lovebearbabykins0212 November 29, 2017

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great family who people hate on out of jealously. People hold grudges on them for things they can’t control. Being the bigger person they move on and don’t care about what others think.
Girl: My mom doesn’t like you because your last name is Hesseltine.

Hesseltine: Well she can screw off and get over herself.
by TheTruth;)11 December 10, 2018

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