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A gorgeous girl with A sexy body. Though she isnt A flirt, but everyone flirts with her because she is beatiful on the inside and out. She's athletic, funny and ambitious. She believes in peace all around the world but doesnt really like to get into politics that much. She likes to have A good time and is loved by almost everyone. She doesnt care about what her haters think because she knows they are all jealous. she has awsome taste in guys and clothing but she doesn't evaluate guys just by look. She may not notice all her secret admirers but thats because she doesnt like to rush to judgment. Overall shes one of the best and hottest people you will ever meet.
Hey, amanina is here
by Ameenda Tan December 29, 2016

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When you're riding your boyfriend/husband during sex and remember that earlier in the night when you were both out he was innocently chatting to a random female. This makes you irrationally mad or a 'Jealous Susan' and you either squeeze his balls, slap him in the face, choke him or shove something up his arse to demonstrate your envy.
Was having sex with Dave last night and went full Jealous Susan on him...
by Foxy McHound December 28, 2018

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