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The Jason effect is where you come into contact with a 'Jason' over a period of time and this is when the effects start to kick in.
1. memory loss of important task (temporary)
2. Become lit beyond your imagination
Person: "ohhh shit what was i doing"
Person2: " Your're gooing through the Jason effect right now"
by TruSparkz December 01, 2017

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The most fucking sexiest man alive
I love jason so much
by Swedishday September 21, 2017

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Another name for something that gives you hell in a horrible way!
Damn that Jason kid is always being such of a hellmold!
by TheManWithTheDefinitions! August 01, 2016

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Jason is a good listener. He pays attention to what you have to say, and is the best person you will ever meet. He usually is very sweet. He is known to be the best boyfriend ever!
Kendra: I love you Jason! Happy early one month! Sorry I cant get you any thing.
by A persons name12 April 18, 2018

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I love you, you love me. Marry me please.
Jason is sexy
by Ilovejasonmobleysomuch August 06, 2018

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Jason is kind of a nerd who nobody really likes except for his few friends. Jason is a wimpy kid and is really awkward, he does not get very much attention and is almost antisocial
"Omg nobody likes that new kid." "Really why?" "He's a total nerd his name is Jason" "
via giphy
by CoolJay03 April 04, 2017

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he is unique and treats his girl right and he is hot and falls for girls named devyn or maddison usually
jason is the best man

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