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The Jason effect is where you come into contact with a 'Jason' over a period of time and this is when the effects start to kick in.
1. memory loss of important task (temporary)
2. Become lit beyond your imagination
Person: "ohhh shit what was i doing"
Person2: " Your're gooing through the Jason effect right now"
by TruSparkz December 01, 2017

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The most fucking sexiest man alive
I love jason so much
by Swedishday September 21, 2017

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Another name for something that gives you hell in a horrible way!
Damn that Jason kid is always being such of a hellmold!
by TheManWithTheDefinitions! August 01, 2016

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I love you, you love me. Marry me please.
Jason is sexy
by Ilovejasonmobleysomuch August 06, 2018

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a small man who has gay sex in a Walmart bathroom
I just saw a Jason in the school bathroom! So weird!
by ronnypaulino May 17, 2019

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The worlds biggest cunt who cheats and nonces on 12 year olds for his own entertainment
Hey look its Jason...
What a cunt jodie why tf did you pick him
via giphy
by Curiousdragon April 15, 2019

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he is unique and treats his girl right and he is hot and falls for girls named devyn or maddison usually
jason is the best man

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