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'Watashi anata ga daisuki' means 'I really like you' in Japanese, it's usaully used by couples or teens confessing to thier crushes, but we can even say it to a friend or a family member.
There another way of say it which is 'Watashi anata ga aishiteru' but this one is only used when proposing or by husband and wife.
Girl: *to crush* W-watashi anata ga daisuki desu!
Crush: No, I've got a girlfriend.
by Fox01 July 21, 2018

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A very stupid old Japanese teacher that is stupid. She is a typical tiger teacher who is always in your business.
Woman: Ugh! My teacher is ALWAYS in my business!

Man: She’s just such a Shooji Sensei
by TyTheMemeDealer January 23, 2018

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