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Song(s) that have a beat & lyrics that intoxicates your very soul ultimately leading you to jam out.

Throwback songs, well known songs, or songs that your group knows all the lyrics to.
"What kind of music do y'all want to listen too?"

"Put on those Jim Jams!!!"
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by ineedsomemilk August 05, 2017

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When the beat is too good, you can't help but to dance along with it, but instead of your feet or arms, you move to the beat with your shoulders.
Jose: Did you see Maycie there? What is she doing?
John: She's shoulder jamming. Have you never shoulder jammed?
Jose: No but I wanna try!
by dynorphin September 08, 2016

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When you and lady have sexual intercorse whilst on her period
Dude, we both had a jam roly poly last night. Finished it off with custard.
by Thedarpachief December 08, 2017

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