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jacob is megggga thiccness like thiccer than the moon
Everyone: Jacob is mega thicc cause he is big boi
by bigbeater November 12, 2018

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He is the most annoying son of a gun you’ll ever meet but he is alright sometimes.
Jacob is such an asswhole he cauld me a cracker.
by Kaleb McGinnis May 08, 2018

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Jacob wade-moran
Jacob wade-moran is he most antisocial person there is on the planet
via giphy
by TheKingOFKongs May 29, 2018

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A Jacob is a egotistical bastard who thinks he funny and all that but he is really just a son of a punk and a bitch too nobody wants to be friends with him
Yo look its jacob that bitch.
by Ella strui March 12, 2018

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Some one that deserves a jacob takera and Jacob are usually to people met for each other that follows of alot
Jacob and takera are so cute together
by Darian black December 23, 2016

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A type of person who takes pictures of girls asses at work and jacks off with the door open for the whole world to see
Retard 1: Hey dude stop being a Jacob Moore

Retard 2: I can't I gotta take pictures of the hot girls asses at work and they are way out of my league and jack off while my brother watches me
by Pimp Tyrone April 23, 2019

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He likes men is very horny with a group of greasers and really likes dry used straws up the rear and loves his Hair GEL He Always Uses

Small Cockob is Like Jacob
Yo Small Cockob
by George Ghenning January 31, 2018

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