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A make donkey, also known as a jackass
Jack is such a jackass
by Jerheuavshsvs April 01, 2017

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Unloyal, a boy/girl who just plays girls/guys. Treats them like shit 24/7 and cares nothing for them, they may act like the care but they 100% do not. They push others away and make them feel like shit.
“I only talk to u because I’m bored and have nothing to do” - person #1 “ouch” -person #2 “seems like ur a very unloyal person” -perosn #3
by Ur weird December 22, 2018

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Some who is self centered and doesn’t care about what others think when trying to help and always thinks other people are wrong. Doesn’t tell others what is going on when they are mad. Always blames there actions on others and isnot responsible enough to own up to there responsibilities.
Why do you act all emmanity when I try to help!!!
by Me.the.people October 25, 2018

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Kind of a jackass
Wow. Brandon is kind of a jackass
by majorsus January 21, 2018

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Nicest girl alive, a real sex figure in today society..
Jack tshudy is the next my little pony
by Joeanna strawberries December 31, 2017

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