#jack off

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Another way to say jack off
Guy watching Pornhub during a lecture and his headphones aren't plugged in all the way and the whole class starts laughing.

"Don't act like you guys don't tug the chicken too."
by Yamese December 09, 2017

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When you do nothing but jack off and eat all day. Not necessarily in that order. Usually associated with a porn addiction.
I never see John any more. Has he been working a lot? Working? The guy's a rub and grub. He never leaves the house and he pays for his porn accounts with his food stamp money.
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by Tugg N. Harder March 09, 2017

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Using a tube of Chapstick to slather and lube up your penis for a good old fashioned fap and wank.
Carl needed to rub one out but found his jar of bacon grease empty. So he grabbed a tube of chapstick and buttered up his cock and balls and nutted to a Chap Fap.
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by Tugg N. Harder March 01, 2017

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When a dude masturbates in the shower using his girlfriend’s, wife’s or mom’s exfoliating body scrub for lubricant. Akin to jacking oneself with a sheet of sandpaper.
My cock is literally raw from that scrub job.

My mom’s apricot scrub is the best scrub job lube ever.
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by Tugg N. Harder January 19, 2018

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A person with a penis that’s been rubbed raw from watching too much porn, especially of the she male variety.
That Nick Moura is walking funny again. I bet he stayed up late last night jerking it.
by Bison2006 May 17, 2018

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A man who masturbates frequently
Bryce watches porn everyday. He's such a Jack!
by africanamerica December 12, 2016

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An American state sport, in other words, jacking off. Numerous other ways of saying this include Beating the meat, playing the devil’s fiddle (for you Christian white guys).
Viktor: Dude, you gotta come see this photo of Mia Khalifa!
James: Gimme a sec, I’m gonna go spank the monkey...
by Goddamnit James February 07, 2018

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