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"Jayteezy" is basically a GOAT. He can do anything he wants to and he does it better than everyone else. More people should want to be like Jayteezy
"Wow I want to be like Jayteezy when I grow up."
"Jayteezy is such a goat... I wonder how he does everything so easily."
"I would totally let Jayteezy clap my mom's cheeks."
by Jayteezy March 11, 2018

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A complete asshole who likes to cheat on every girl hes with, he is a player and the definition of a "little bitch" these men usually have small dicks and lie about there size. also...FUCK YOU JACK
bro jack cheated on me again...
what a little bitch, he aint shit
whatever my dood.
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by nomepapi November 03, 2017

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A black pile of expired horse shit that sleeps all day to only wake up to piss and shit all of your clothing and stare at you like Stephen hawking stares at people who can walk.
Jack the cat just thinks he's so smart..het the broom.
by Teddy313 April 05, 2018

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