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"Jayteezy" is basically a GOAT. He can do anything he wants to and he does it better than everyone else. More people should want to be like Jayteezy
"Wow I want to be like Jayteezy when I grow up."
"Jayteezy is such a goat... I wonder how he does everything so easily."
"I would totally let Jayteezy clap my mom's cheeks."
by Jayteezy March 11, 2018

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A complete asshole who likes to cheat on every girl hes with, he is a player and the definition of a "little bitch" these men usually have small dicks and lie about there size. also...FUCK YOU JACK
bro jack cheated on me again...
what a little bitch, he aint shit
whatever my dood.
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by nomepapi November 03, 2017

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Jack is the conductor of a train that sells you a one way ticket to pound town. As the old saying goes, "be a Jack today, be a horny military sergeant tomorrow". He surfaced from his mother's womb at the ripe age of 0 and has ever since featured in PornHubs' monthly top rated verified amateur section.

His quads are closely identical to those of the late Greek God Zeus. In 2014, his cum made its big break as it featured on multiple Cinnabon rest stop billboards in the tri-state area. His blonde curls glisten in the sun which has also been the leading cause of blindness in the United States. His hot Australian accent makes you question your worthiness and his deep laugh has been used as Pendulum's bass line.
Girl 1: omg I saw Jack last night
Girl 2: no way! how was it?
Girl 1: amazing! He just rocked out with his cock out the entire time
by JacksFanClub April 09, 2019

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A person named Jack who becomes horny and becomes a motherfucker.
You wanna go, huh? Alright! Let's go jackthemotherfucker! If you wanna be sexual!
by gamersanimation January 29, 2019

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A slang term used to describe someone who is either lousy, frustrating, inadequate, arrogant, or just downright wack.

Someone can also “jack you” as in screw you over.
Amir was being such a jack last night, he refused to help me with my homework.

This store is ran by a bunch of jacks, go elsewhere.

You paid way too much for that blender, they jacked you.

I’m a jack bro, I should’ve just went to the movies with her.
by 202030 December 17, 2018

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jack is an unloyal manhoe who cannot keep a girl for more than a week and he will cheat on you, he is always showing his flabs
oh god jack is back to kyle again
by jax1659;) September 15, 2018

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A jack is the most perfect boy! If you know a jack then you will be sure to fall in love with him like I already have fell in love with him.He is so funny and always makes my day 100x better when I talk to him.Has the most gorgeous face and eyes and is so fit, there’s absolutely nothing I would change about him I just love him. Always makes me laugh even when I’m sad and there’s no one else I’d rather be with he just makes me the happiest girl in the world
Hes defiantly a jack hes perfect!
by Hollx1x. August 16, 2018

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