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When you shove Pasta into a Beaver's anus.
John: "Hey Jacob, I made an Italian Beaver!"
Jacob: "What the fuck man..."
by Elephantiono June 17, 2016

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When you dump the pasta out into the strainer and put your face in the steam.
As I poured out the tortellini, I enjoyed an Italian facial
by Phatnattapia September 02, 2017

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Also “club” in Italian is the last name of only the most OG Italian legends that sit in the front of Italian class and are just that coolio.
Oh shit man, she’s a Mazza kid, she must be a sexy Italian girl
by Booty cheeks Magee October 06, 2018

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The itailian term for "Little Lamp"
Look at that aniello!
by ThatWeirdDude March 16, 2017

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An annoying Italian girl who often makes excuses to exercise her white privilege. Always dates fuckboys.
I can smell Gia's bullshit all the way from here.
by TheLastShakespeare January 21, 2017

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