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A faggot how can't hold a relationship a loner even if there's a group of people he knows lives up to what his mom and dad said about him being a druggie and a drug dealer a person who lost 4 mods never got one back and has lost a speaker from a girl said he was funny get it back but never Isaacs lie and is a bitch when it comes to fighting cause he lost to Francis and now is pathetic and complains about his back even tho he's still young and talks about problems a 90 year old man should be saying or to tired and he sits on his ass not working out so he'll lose the bet against a cousin of his cause he's to fat to workout and a pussy and if you roast an Isaac they won't say anything back cause they are scared and knows that they'll get there ass beat id they say anything back and has no friends and his family dislikes Isaacs so much they call police on Isaac instead of telling Isaac off Isaac is autistic cause he always makes autistic sounds to people when waking by and tries to bite them and a pedofile cause he likes little girls
Man fight me stop being an Isaac

Man your dick is small isaac
Man you lost four mods and a speaker man stop being an Issac

Why are you such a bitch stop being an Isaac

Why did you pussy out stop being an Isaac
by Yeahboichiken February 02, 2018

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always confused
"why is isaac always confused?"
by anzoo September 30, 2018

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A fruity ass kid.
“Isaac Giles is a fruit” “yes i agree”
by annai May 31, 2018

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