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It's so ironic how Rational Truth calls himself "rational" and what he says the "truth," yet he spreads nothing but lies and misinformation about atheists and devotes his life to writing definitions of words on here that, in some way or the other, completely flame, insult, and trash atheists. Man, what a life :) He says that most atheists are "atheist losers" without even taking into account what a "theist loser" he is making out of himself.
by TheAntithesis to Stupidity July 04, 2016

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An Internet aphorism stating that "online discussion of sexism or misogyny quickly results in disproportionate displays of sexism and misogyny." Named after Anita Sarkeesian, whose work, which pointed out the tendency for gaming to pass along harmful stereotypes, enraged gamers, leading them to send her rape threats, death threats, tirades calling her a bitch, etc..
"Gaming has a tendency to pass along sexist stereotypes."
"Oh look, Anita's law has been proven again."
by Valerie Morghulis February 01, 2018

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An ironic situation in which a lot of people do something in order to avoid a crowd/traffic, but end up making a crowd or completely emptying the space.
Apparently the freeway was going to be very busy, so everyone went a different way, and thus caused crowd irony because it would have been almost empty to drive on and there was heavy traffic on the nearby roads.
by luluthomas888 May 06, 2018

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