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a term used by Irish people to describe loyalists, as they are black and tan on the outside and orange in the middle.
John: he's a Jaffa cake.

Mary: look at that Jaffa bastard!
by namekuji April 04, 2019

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An Irish slang word for a British person
How are ya johnny lad, how the Shet hole yer from ya big ugly bastard ye
by Sleeplessmean66 September 13, 2017

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Someone who’s messing around usually annoying people.
Andy stop acting the maggot
by Dope John Paul III January 20, 2019

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A crazy person who usually does crazy shit. Doesn't give a shit what people thinks and probably has a sex addiction. Secretly good at maths and riding ripe lads.
Hey maaan see that girl there? Yeah, that's Irish
by Cykabloot984 November 03, 2018

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All of the special rights and advantages granted to a person by virtue of their not having been aborted as a fetus.
"Lads, we wouldn't be here drinking at this pub today if not for our Irish privilege."
by Space Mason June 14, 2018

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The name Ceola is taken from the Irish word “ceol” meaning music. It is not a very common first name.

Despite their cheerful spirits, Ceolas can be selfish and at times very dishonest.

They can be quite a hassle to deal with and that’s why they are mostly alone.

They mostly follow the crowd because they want to fit it and feel loved.

They are happy and easy-going and only want someone with a good heart to love.
“She lied to you again? She must be a Ceola!”
by That one along February 09, 2019

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