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Someone who does not commit to a full send for the boys and are generally pussies when it comes to some savage shit.
Don't trust that nigga eddy, he's a fucking half sender.
by nihiligratis December 06, 2017
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Really bad internet
Sin Internet
Man 1: Dude, an I come to your house to play CoD while i get the carpets cleaned?
Man 2: Nah mate, my place has sinternet
by w33d lord xD October 04, 2016
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a fine historian of notable events on the internet or relating to internet culture. the events may or may not relate to actual events that happened in relation to the event online.
"have you listened to todd talk about the fall of dashcon?"
"yeah, that guy is a total internet historian"
by Mr.DoctorSir December 04, 2017
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Bad Internet
Tomahawkchop309 has the worst internet ever... SENTRY LINK
by Xeno lll November 29, 2017
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A joke to describe Someone Shoe Style. Popular on the internet
I have a question , What are those?!
by easfdass November 20, 2017
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When joe Pardoe gets fucking autism
You're an internet criminals
via giphy
by Internet criminal September 30, 2017
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Being 14% of normal funny, and 130% of normal 'i fucking hate you for doing that' ...
''I'd make a chemistry joke but I wouldn't get a reaction'' ''Wow you're so internet-funny... kys''
by kewlkez December 12, 2016
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