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noun. an ironic alternative of interesting. the term comes from the mispronunciation.
oh wow that's really INCH resting...
by daturana June 11, 2018

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Very exciting, but very stubborn, will literally rip you apart of you mess with any of their close members. Very loyal and very smart, is always looking for a better way to improve. She loves everyone around her and will do anything for them. She sees the good in them. Oh and they are very shy
Cherilyn is very quite.
by Clickohclick May 11, 2018

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Vegan- thinks she is a model- apparently a actor- flexible- talks and talks about her life and doesn't give a f about anyone else.
Lily: I'm just so tired from my tv show
girl: what show
Lily: oh can't tell you but guess what I'm VEGAN
girl: oh really
Lily: except I love cheese and animal products
girl: *facepalms*
by jellooreo1005 January 10, 2017

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