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A typical New York street insult.
Hey you with the boom box, yo muthers an animal!
by I, Wreckerrr February 11, 2017

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Somebody who is so unbelievably retarded that they cannot function at all. They generally do retarded and stupid things without any thought at all.It is like the impolite of saying "Piece of s**t f**ktard"
See Jerry over there, he raped his cousin then had a hallucination about being super man and jumped off his roof. What a salboo.

See that salboo? He broke into my car then shitted on the seat!
by GeorgeIII-Kingofall May 15, 2017

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Originally depicted from the Hentai Animation Boku No Pico
Snibson refers to an individual that finds pleasure in viewing Muscular African American men fist a male elephant to the point of a climax.
This is typically used as an insult towards young males
"wow Snibson"
" jeez Snibson"
by Larry Mc Barry July 28, 2016

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1) a penis 2)A major insult if someone calls u a stoonge fight them immediately
I'm gonna whip out my stoonge.

He called me a stoonge so I killed him.
by Stoongeheadedyak April 18, 2018

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ass streatching russian space potato
That hutzba is a real chud spudnik
by Chud spudnik March 20, 2018

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The name of terrifying and ugly creature from a book with the same name by Stephen King. Something people call people they don't like to insult them.
Random Person: Shut up!!!
You: Yes "It"!
via giphy
by Bookworm180 December 15, 2017

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provoke or challenge (someone) with insulting remarks.
"the students taunted her in class"
by lmiller_22 October 06, 2017

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