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Originally depicted from the Hentai Animation Boku No Pico
Snibson refers to an individual that finds pleasure in viewing Muscular African American men fist a male elephant to the point of a climax.
This is typically used as an insult towards young males
"wow Snibson"
" jeez Snibson"
by Larry Mc Barry July 28, 2016
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Dan backwards also insult
Ur a fucking nad
via giphy
by Jimah August 11, 2017
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a term used to describe a person that acts like an asshole. they are a complete and total dick, but that word just doesn't do them justice. so tit is added.
you're such a terrible human being. scratch that, you are a manipulative dicktit.
by DamnDudeItsJosie February 16, 2018
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A word tic describe a stupid or dopey person in an insulting manor

“Fucking hurry up you yebhead”

“Fucking shut your motmuth you yebhead”
by Sklegdust December 20, 2017
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provoke or challenge (someone) with insulting remarks.
"the students taunted her in class"
by lmiller_22 October 06, 2017
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A girl typically a little more than thicc with high confidence and low self esteem
She's a Twomper
by Fosty the snowman July 06, 2017
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Is simply anything that is a piece of shit and useless.
That car over there is a queef wagon.
by Kg212013 January 01, 2017
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