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Slang terminology for Instagram
"Hey, should I gram this?"
"Yeah, you look great!"
by Yos Yos Dwig September 09, 2016

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Some Instagram personality that mooches off his friends for clout
"Hey do you follow @_blockage?"
"Gee Williegers, no I don't but, as a homosexual I guess it's my duty"
by Westsidepercs September 09, 2018

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A chick on Instagram that will get butt hurt and mad if anyone buys the same wheels as her. She will call you out for owning the same wheels. So.wrxy thinks she is better than anyone else but at the end of the day, she drives a CVT WRX. Don’t be a So.wrxy because people will not like you.
John: “Did you see @so.wrxy story about one of her followers?”
Kevin: “yeah she woke up wanting attention. I’m unfollowing so.wrxy.”
by Kuurdiii October 12, 2018

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short for instagram
"I just downloaded ig, follow me!"
by yusfjshdvkjasdiuehawiu February 03, 2018

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A person who uploads the same instagram photos repeatedly due to not knowing how to use the app.
Michael just did a Sabriza today on Instagram.

I liked the same picture twice because she sabrizad on instagram.
by Ee2y April 23, 2018

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When some one looks though previous posts comments on any social media and likes or comments on them. Comment stalking is similar woth comment sections
Spongebob commented on my post from a month ago, he is comment stalking
by Domclems November 30, 2017

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Means "I guess" and can be used to shorten the word instagram.
Lisa: follow me on ig!
Brian: sure !
by Veronicagivesknowladge June 27, 2017

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