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a term in south africa used to describe a person of indian descent.
that guy looks so indian.
yes he is a charo.
by TheCharo September 25, 2018

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a (possibly Indian) guy who constantly stalks the girl he has liked for many years although he's been rejected many times. It may also describe someone who tries to act cool by wearing chains, flashy shoes, and overuses filters on pictures.
God did you see that guy who just took a picture of that girl? He's such a Harsh!
by trashydork March 30, 2017

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extremely stingy and tries to sell you broken products for full price
someone who will work at a dairy just for the pleasure of banding them for a very long time.
enjoys saying "thank you very much, please come again".
has pictures of Apu and slushy machines in his bedroom wall
"dude you being such a Harshil patel"
by connor banks September 08, 2017

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The time of the day from 12am - 2am.
You wanna go to a hookah bar?

What time ?

Real Indian Hours

Sounds good
by Moodog08 January 29, 2018

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The definition of Indian Swagger. A young man who asks people for pics of there bobs and their vegana. #IndianNiggasTheWave
Damn, that Nikhil just asked me for bobs, I’m def gonna send em.
by CHBIV August 22, 2018

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